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A family of quality products you can trust! For a high-gloss, professional look, use Green Glo aerosol as a quick spray-on polish and cleaner for live plants - no wiping required Use Green Glo liquid to clean potted, hard-surfaced plants. Simply spray on and wipe off. Also recommended for cleaning and sealing cut greens. Simply dip cut greens in the Green Glo solution, shake off the excess and return to the cooler for a long-lasting clean, glossy look. Use Green Glo concentrate to make liquid Green Glo. Easier to ship! Use to clean hard-surfaced potted plants. Also use to seal and clean cut greens. Pristine Spray seals fresh-cut flowers, arrangements and evergreens. Spray blooms and foliage lightly and evenly to lock in moisture. Reduces shedding on dried arrangements, too
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